Hello, I am Fairooz Nazar

I design experiences that meet people's needs and help them achieve their goals

About Me


When I was a kid, I sometimes sketched how people interacted with objects and that's reason why I understand the need to design for people


Throughout my childhood, I spent my weekends in my father's shoe shop as the cashier or as a saleskid and there began my obsession with products

Product Design

Product design involves two of my favourite interests. My goal is to design products that are fun to use and can truly help people accomplish their goals

My Work

It began with illustrations but my first job led me to design landing pages for marketing campaigns and now, I aspire to design products that are useful and fun to use


Bots built to find interesting things for you to read, watch, laugh, learn and enjoy

Udo The Flying Car

Udo was a digital experience created to promote gozoomo's dealer-free marketplace

More work on Behance

If you are looking for a product designer, shoot me an email